Welcome to EconAcademia, the web platform for Romanian (and Romanian-speaking) academic economists from research universities and institutes in Romania and abroad. Most of the content on this site is in Romanian, but occasionally there will also be brief information in English, for our non-Romanian speaking guests. NB. The pages in Romanian of this site are also easily translatable using, for instance, Google Translate (confirmed by several foreign Econ researchers whom we polled).

NB. For the most recent ERMAS conference edition (2016, 3rd ed.) scroll down till "NEW! ERMAS 2016".

Information in English about the 1st edition (18-22 August 2014; UBB, Cluj-Napoca) of the Annual Scientific Conferences of Romanian Academic Economists from Abroad (ERMAS), the first and one of the major objectives of EconAcademia. See also the related Call for Papers in English (although in this first, 2014, edition only Romanian or Romanian-speaking economists could submit papers) or the associated 'continuing-education' type of Course offered. The translation of the conference program in English is also available: General Program Structure and respectively Detailed Sessions Program (with Last Minute Changes Annex)! The brochure of the ERMAS 2014 conference gathers most of these separate conference documents (without the last minute changes PDF from above), including also a list of participants to this first conference edition. Browse through a great photo gallery from the ERMAS 2014 edition of the conference.  Finally, we have also compiled and continue to update the press coverage of ERMAS 2014 in a single PDF with links (all in Romanian or Hungarian...)-- including coverage of our winning in March 2015 the Foreign Policy Romania "Top 100: People and Ideas that Move Romania" Prize, category "Ideas/Projects", for initiating the ERMAS conference.

The  2nd ERMAS edition (29-31 July 2015; again in Cluj-Napoca) finished. Direct link to the Call for Papers in English. The final program in English is directly available in the following PDFs: General Structure ERMAS 2015 and respectively Detailed Program Sessions ERMAS 2015.  A short and intensive Game Theory Course was also be offered in connection with the ERMAS 2015 conference, a day before (28th of July). Here's the list of the registered participants for this 2nd ERMAS edition. Browse also--but you will need to read some Romanian-- through the press coverage of the ERMAS 2015 event. Or go watch pics from the fantastic ERMAS 2015 photo-gallery-- where you will not necessarily need to know Romanian.

NEW!  ERMAS 2016, the third ERMAS conference edition, took place at West University Timisoara, in Timisoara, Romania, between 1 and 3 August 2016. Call for papers in English, in PDF. Extended deadline: 10 April 2016 (previous deadline: 31 March 2016). The final ERMAS 2016 programGeneral Program Structure and respectively Detailed Program Structure, with some last minute changes. And you can also follow links to (some of) the papers presented in the conference, or view the list of all the registered conference participants. Earlier you could register for the ERMAS 2016 conference (deadline 10 July 2016 if you present an invited or contributed paper; 20 July 2016 for the general audience), as well as subscribe for the intensive Applied Microeconomics course offered in the days of the conference. Finally, now you can also browse the terrific photo gallery of the ERMAS 2016 conference or (use google translate to) read the message of the ERMAS 2016 conference coordinators, after the end of the conference.

In December 2014, we also launched Blog EconAcademia, a blog of Romanian academic economists (direct information in English about this blog).

We use a twitter account, @econacademia, for updates and news, where sometimes we tweet in English; the last 15 tweets are also available on this website, on the page noutati.econacademia.net.

Work in progress on this website. Latest update at 09-09-2016.